Why Vacations are Important…..

Seems like a simple concept, right? Why are vacations important? There is always the standard that you need to relax and refresh. Maybe spend some exclusive time with family, friends, loved ones? Yes, these are important but more than that….vacations are a time when you can really think about things, what and who is important to you. We sometimes forget this in the madding race we call life. So don’t forget to squeeze vacations into your life! You won’t regret it!


Another Step Up….

Thursday marks another step up for our Origami Owl Business. Emily and her team have achieved team leader status! With this promotion, I have also moved up to Executive Team Leader.

Emily and I don’t focus that much on promotion. We focus primarily on how we want our business to move forward, how we want to meet and help people, and how we can reach folks who will love our lockets that share unique stories and memories. A promotion is always nice to celebrate, though!

I always thought Origami Owl Custom Jewelry had a great business plan for budding entrepreneurs. The commission rate for sales captured my attention right away. When I started it was 30-50%. Today it is 20-40% to start and 30-50% for personal volume of 250 per month or higher. Still one of the highest in direct sales! The company philosophy and actions to be a “force for good” was special. Our family has always been interested in helping others. And, of course, the cute jewelry is so much fun to wear and share! Always fun picking something special to wear from my O2 collection! 😍

So what happens next? Well we have a show at the Broad Mountain Vineyard and we are hoping to help people create lockets about their wine 🍷 tasting fun! We will have a new June hostess exclusive that O2 is promising will be a “must have” unique creation. And what about some new summer charms on June 6? Now that will be fun…..there are always great stories in the summer that need to be captured with charms in a summer vacation locket!


Great Memories of Cape May

We had a great time this week! It was definitely a wonderful vacation! Special thanks to CC joining us for the excursion – you’re the best! Last night we did trivia at Cabanas. We came in 2nd place! Not bad when competing with the home teams. They had a great Sangria special too.

I think our best finds for the week were food related. The peanut butter shop was lots of fun with samples of almost everything! I love choices and they had tons!

And we really enjoyed the cooking store. I bought a Cuban Rub that should be great on steak. I think I will have some tonight!

So, in addition our winery, brewery and distillery tour, we did the foodie thing too! Cape May is a wonderful place to stay, especially when you can cook your meals. We highly recommend.


….at the Shore

We are on vacation! Not a lot time for blogging but I thought I would give a little update. Weather has been amazing. It rained in the evening yesterday but otherwise we have had great weather, and plenty of sun. It’s not swimming weather but we love to walk in Cape May so it’s perfect!

We are doing a wine and brewery tour throughout the Cape May area! You can meet lots of people this way while having tons of fun. Cape May hasn’t disappointed us. They are better than ever! Cold Springs Village has a new brewery with 9 beers to try from. They have flights for you to test out 4 options. We were impressed!

I think the Cape May Vineyard has improved the most. They even have Tapas! We enjoyed the cordial way we were served and they have lots of choices for tasting. Wines are great too!

So here’s to you! We have more fun scheduled for today. Hope your week is as fun as ours!


Weekend Activities—It’s getting Busy!

What we do is tell stories with charms.  Or maybe you could say we save memories too!  Today, we have the Royal Wedding.   We have some great charms for weddings but we need to make this royal.  So here is my locket:E9DAF997-A3D0-4156-BE59-6E9244C2E301

But that’s not the most important thing going on this weekend.  The MOST important is my daughter graduating from college!  Just saving my memories with charms! Today Emily officially crosses the stage at Elizabethtown College with honors! We are very proud of her, of course. But we also appreciate that she made the choice, set her goals, and reached them with all the struggles we all have from Day to Day. Just saying she is getting her degree really isn’t the memories that I am saving. I remember health issues, long days working and studying, computers failing, internet difficulties, books arriving late! At any time she could have said, “I give up!” But she didn’t! That’s what I am proud of! C66D7605-06F9-4D07-8936-E4FD707B5AA1

Finally, to top it all, we are getting ready for vacation on Monday!   We are headed to Cape May!  Last year we stayed home but not this year, we are having a week of beach fun.  Lots of laundry being done today but it will be a week of relaxation and worth the effort.  Don’t worry, though.  I am taking the IPad with me.  Don’t want to miss a moment of fun that I can share with you!



Planning is the Key!

When you are running your own business, you need to plan! The product doesn’t sell by itself…you need to provide the framework! So we are looking at June right now for extra opportunities to meet our customers. We already have a June event.. Broad Mountain Vineyard “Vendors in the Vineyard” event! We are so excited. Purchased our first “commercial” white pop up canopy.

We have had inexpensive canopies before but they can be scary if it gets windy. So be warned…even if you have the sandbag weights, a light weight canopy can bend. Since we are serious about our business, we needed a serious canopy! And we ARE serious! 😍. (Ok, not that serious!)

Old canopy…easy to put up, scary during a storm!

Soooooo….what are we going to do that is special for June? What about a reveal of the summer collection at the local winery that has outdoor seating and wine slushies! PERFECT! We will purchase and have product expedited and have it for a reveal. Since this is a reveal and not a sales event, we will use our portable jewelry bar! People will watch and who knows, we may attract some attention! 😍

Sounds like fun, huh? And FUN is my middle name! (Didn’t know that, huh?)

Wish us luck! It’s a win/win though! We will have fun either way, as well as some terrific beverages! 😍💞


Wow, what a collection!

Harry Potter for Origami Owl revealed May 16th, 2018 (a date we’ll never forget!):

⚡️️166,000 Facebook views AND climbing in the first 8 hours of reveal.

⚡️️9,000 Harry Potter for Origami Owl collection shares (and counting) in the first 8 hours of the reveal.

⚡️️Australia, Japan, Peru (just to name a few) are some of the places around the world that tried to order this collection last night.

⚡️️0 is the number of companies besides Origami Owl that can share this collection with those that WANT IT.

⚡️️1 is the number of decisions YOU have to make to jump in and ride the Hogwarts Express train to additional income in your pocket.

⚡️️NOW would be a great time for someone to say, “okay…tell me more!” It’s going to be an epic collection!