Vacation? What about Cape May?

I get all starry-eyed when I hear folks talk about their upcoming vacations. A trip to a tropical island always has a certain appeal until I remember the travel time, the sleeping arrangements, or long airline flights.   Do I have to give up my dream?   No way!

Here is a great place on the East Coast that I have achieved my vacation dream needs with no more than 2 hours transportimageationtime!   It’s a vacation to Cape May, New Jersey!

We have vacationed at Cape May for many many years.   When we were young and poor, we would take our pop up camper to Lake Laurie in Cape May, New Jersey.    Kids have a pool for swimming and you’re only minutes away from the beach.  But we are not young adults anymore.    Is there a place for us to satisfy our vacation dreams?    Well of course! One place we enjoy is a condotel (condo+hotel) called Summer Station. imageHere you have your own condo with private kitchen, living room bedrooms and ocean view patio!   Pick up some groceries at the A&P and you are ready to roll according to your schedule. There is a beautiful pool and the beach right before you eyes.  If you like to cook like me, this can be economical as well as fun!  To get the time you want, you may need to book early and book for a week!

Beach Shack at Cape May, New Jersey
Beach Shack at Cape May, New Jersey

image When less than a week is all we can spare, we like to stay at the Beach Shack!  This is almost like a resort experience.   Poolside, tropical drinks can be delivered right to your lounger!  On the beach, folks will set up your chair and umbrella for the perfect ocean front experience.   And the best part is the resort restaurant called Rusty Nail!  We like to make sure we are there for Raggae Sunday when they play Raggae music all day long!


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